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Image by Nadine Primeau


Okra Vegan Meals

The birth of Okra Vegan

Okra Vegan Meals represents the culinary history of New Orleans flavors transcending across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa. Similar to the okra plant, Okra Vegan takes us on an ancestral journey that highlights African American food history through true alchemy using elements of water, fire and metals just as the ancestors. Okra Vegan Meals curates food experiences that are versatile and resilient through intergenerational teachings and true rituals and tells the story of "remembrance" revered in solidarity to our ancestors by creating meals from the fragments of our history.  

Image by Heather Barnes

Okra represents my history!

Growing up, okra has always been a staple food in my household. At a young age  my grandmother "Mama Loyce" introduced me to okra through the preparation of gumbos and smothered dishes. It’s one of those foods you either like or dislike, there are no in between. My love for okra runs as deep as the soil to germinate it's existence. 

 All what defines okra is a clear representation of my love for cooking rooted in culture, uniqueness, and healthy living. Okra Vegan Meals, LLC offers healthy vegan meals through a blend of creativity + flavor. Changing the world one meal at a time, Okra Vegan goal is to provide healthy & healing food choices without compromising taste.

Meet Ineaka


Well hello there! My name is Ineaka Carbo, owner of Okra Vegan Meals, LLC. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, I’m a self-taught chef who is very passionate about blending flavors and my New Orleans culture in every dish I create. My love for food is rooted in creating unforgettable meals that are equally delicious and healthy.

Cooking has always been apart of my life and something I inherited from my late grandmother “Mama Loyce” who taught me the value of cooking. Her lessons in the kitchen have helped me develop a desire to create traditional New Orleans cuisines into healthy options. Interested in trying, Lets Connect!


Ready to get started?

Let’s connect and discuss how Okra Vegan Meals can elevate your life. Please be sure to share type of service, and any additional information.

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